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Please Allow Me to Brag a Little Bit….

I don’t post many client testimonials because when I see them presented on other sites they often seem facile and, well, untrustworthy. But recently an Upwork client posted a five-star review of my services that went above and beyond what I ever expected. Here it is:

“Thomas was an absolute superstar editor and delivered on everything he promised and MORE. He was extremely professional – communicating quickly and often, sticking to deadlines and writing chapter summaries of the key things he had edited. He even went a step further and fact-checked our content without being asked and picked up on some pretty serious inconsistencies that our previous editor hadn’t even noticed! Additionally, he also helped write our contents page and adapted our book structure and added in subtitles where necessary so the chapters had a real sense of consistency. He added so much value to our book and I would 100% use him again in a heartbeat! So – if you are looking for an editor, look no further because THOMAS IS YOUR MAN. Thanks for your all your help – have saved you as a favourite freelancer!”

You can see it on Upwork here.

I’m so very fortunate to have so many wonderful clients!

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  • Thomas Hauck is a professional author, ghostwriter, and book editor.


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