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Medical spy thriller by Leslie Norins, MD, with Thomas Hauck

A Season To Kill

Heavens Devil-by Thomas Hauck

Empire Of Desire-by Thomas Hauck

Avita Doesnt Love You-by Thomas Hauck

The Body On The Rocks-by Thomas Hauck

Roses For The Reaper-by Thomas Hauck

While Japan Burns

The Lost Fountain

The Flies Of August

Return To Restoria

Public Image-by Thomas Hauck

Pistonhead-by Thomas Hauck

On The Wild Coast

No Fun In The Fens

Next Big Thing

Midnight Eclipse

Lucas Manson-by Thomas Hauck

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View covers of books I have authored and books I have ghostwritten or edited for my global clients.

Leadership Execution Cover For Kindle

"Leadership Execution" by Ronnell Crittenden


"Leadership Transitions" - Business fiction by Ronnell Crittenden


"How Do I Tax Thee?" by Kristin Tate


"Total Value Optimization" by Steven Bowen, edited by Thomas Hauck


By David Woodlock, edited by Thomas Hauck


"The Death of the Public School" by Dr. Wendolyn Bouie, edited by Thomas Hauck

Life Is The Perfect System

Powerful self-help book by Matt Sison, edited by Thomas Hauck.

Easy Wine

The one wine guide book you need, by Corey D. Boddie, edited by Thomas Hauck.

50 Billion Dollar Boss

Groundbreaking book on African-American women business leaders, edited by Thomas Hauck.

Priceless Inspirations

"Priceless Inspirations" - Memoir by Antonia Carter and Lil Wayne. Edited by Thomas Hauck


"Rocambole" - Memoir by Ziad H. Moukheiber. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Paris-Extraordinary Moments

"Paris-Extraordinary Moments" by Adrienne Michel Sager. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Korea Experience

"Korea Experience: The Guide to Finding the Best Jobs Teaching English Abroad in South Korea" by Jeff Miller. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Keep Your Family Safe Online

"Keep Your Family Safe Online" by Bryan Bowers, edited by Thomas Hauck

Financial Advisors Are Not Created Equal

"Financial Advisors Are Not Created Equal" by Michael P. McDermott, edited by Thomas Hauck.

Understanding Misophonia

"Understanding and Overcoming Misophonia" by Thomas H. Dozier, edited by Thomas Hauck

True Freedom-How To Heal Your Anxiety

Self-help book by Amanda Rex that shows you how to manage anxiety. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Success Strategies For Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Ahmad Farhat's self-help business book for immigrant entrepreneurs. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Freelance Nation

J. Melissa Cooper's book about the emerging freelance workforce and how you can be a part of it. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Age Healthier Live Happier

Renowned hormone replacement therapy expert Dr. Gary Donovitz reveals how to stay healthier longer. Edited by Thomas Hauck for Celebrity Press.

The Micro-Niche Method

David Wolfskehl's book on how you can define your micro-niche and become number one in your market. Edited by Thomas Hauck. 

Oh Garden Of Fresh Possibilities

Kim Smith's best-selling garden book, published by David R. Godine, Boston. Thomas Hauck, editor.

Secrets Of The Skim

Hal Blackwell's best-selling expose of the financial crisis. Tom Hauck, editor.

BANKrupt By Carol Realini

Powerful expose of the banking industry by Huffington Post columnist and Silicon Valley consultant Carol Realini. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Dangerous Law Practice Myths

  The best-selling guide to managing your law office. Thomas Hauck, ghostwriter.

Millionaire Fastlane

MJ DeMarco's best-selling book on how to build wealth. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Job Interview Skills 101

Ellyn Enisman's popular book on developing career skills. Thomas Hauck, editor.

The Accidental Farmers

The powerful nonfiction book about how Tim and Liz Young founded Nature's Harmony Farm, dedicated to sustainable farming. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Strategic Default

A.A. Diji's breakthrough book on strategic default. Tom Hauck, editor.


The important new guide to the music business. Thomas Hauck, editor.

Amazing Life After 50

Karen Batchelor's best-selling book on having an amazing life after fifty. Thomas Hauck, book editor.

Find Your Balance

Thomas Hauck was an editor for Barbara Tessari and her popular self-help book.

Neil Handley Real Estate Ebook

Neil Handley's real estate investment book. Thomas Hauck, ghostwriter.

Wenham Museum Annual Report

The Annual Report for the Wenham Museum, one of the Boston area's leading family museums. Thomas Hauck, author.

A Suitcase Full Of Faith Cover

  Thomas Hauck assisted author Saskia Roell with the proposal for her best-selling inspiring memoir.

Mission Statement Toolkit

"Mission Statement Toolkit," ghostwritten by Thomas Hauck for an Elance client, has become a leading e-book reference

The Bachelors Guide To First Date Cooking

Leaping to #29 in "Entertaining" on Amazon in its first week, this cookbook will change the lives of bachelors everywhere! Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Dream Big Act Big

Croix Sather's inspiring book about transforming your life. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Data Dynamite

W. David Stephenson's incredible book on the real-time data revolution that's coming now. Edited by Thomas Hauck. 

Your Professional Headspace

Professional self-help book edited for a UK client by Thomas Hauck.

A Mans Guide To Getting Fired

"A Man's Guide to Getting Fired" by Andrew J. Kilbride, edited by Thomas Hauck

Escape From Zoomanity

"Escape from Zoomanity" edited by Thomas Hauck. Author: Alan Forrest Smith. Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (Jan. 2012)

Thriving Loss

"Thriving Loss" by Tabitha Jayne, edited by Thomas Hauck

How Hard Are You Knocking

"How Hard Are You Knocking?" Job search book edited by Tom Hauck


"RecruitConsult!Leadership" by Jeremy M. Eskenazi, edited by Thomas Hauck.

Your Path To Success

English translation edited by Thomas Hauck

When Johnny Comes Marching Homeless

Searing and wry account by Ken Smith of how he founded America's leading homeless shelter for military veterans. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Relevant Selling

"Relevant Selling" edited by Thomas Hauck

Surviving The Game

Sahpreem A. King's incisive guide to the music industry, edited by Thomas Hauck.

Private Mortgage Investment

Thomas Hauck, editor.

Reaching Beyond The Dream

Thomas Hauck, book editor.

Success 101

"Success 101" by Scott F. Paradis, edited by Thomas Hauck


"Waiternomics" by Martin J. Fischer. Thomas Hauck, editor.  

No Room For Shaky Hands

"No Room for Shaky Hands" by Hugo Van Cleynenbreugel, MD. Edited by Thomas Hauck.

Accountability Leadership By Di Worrall Edited By Thomas Hauck

"Accountability Leadership" by Di Worrall, edited by Thomas Hauck. Soared to number one in Kindle Business Books two days after its publication.

The Business Sustainability Handbook

"The Business Sustainability Handbook" by Julie Urlaub. Thomas Hauck, editor.

Simon Says-Love Your Legacy

"Simon Says: Love Your Legacy" by Saul Simon. Thomas Hauck, editor.

Lucky And Good By John Sherriff Edited By Thomas Hauck

Buisness book by former Enron Europe CEO John Sherriff, edited by Thomas Hauck

Moment Of Impact

"Moment of Impact" by Jennifer Touma, edited by Thomas Hauck

The Alchemy Of True Success

"The Alchemy of True Success" by Jaden Sterling, edited by Thomas Hauck

Health Intelligence

"Health Intelligence: The Path to a Healthier You," by Dr. Verna R. Benjamin-Lambert, edited by Thomas Hauck

The Small Business Marketing Bible By Paul Browning Edited By Thomas Hauck

The Small Business Marketing Bible by Paul Browning, edited by Thomas Hauck

The Sugar Daddy Formula By Taylor Jones

Sensational book by the leading authority on how to become a sugar baby. Taylor B. Jones and the book were featured on the CNN series "This Is Life With Lisa Ling."

Things Fall Apart Edited By Thomas Hauck

Hilary Neiman's powerful memoir edited by Thomas Hauck

Accountability Leadership Edited By Thomas Hauck

Corporate leadership book by Di Worrall, edited by Thomas Hauck

Imperative Edited By Thomas Hauck

Mobile marketing book by Brett Relander, edited by Thomas Hauck

Rain Power Edited By Thomas Hauck

Steven Zuckerman's guide to corporate success, edited by Thomas Hauck

On Board By Nanette Fridman Edited By Thomas Hauck

On Board by Nanette Fridman, edited by Thomas Hauck

Stronger Than Sugar By Joan Kent

"Stronger Than Sugar" by Joan Kent, edited by Thomas Hauck

Better Remote Work

"Better Remote Work" - Thomas Hauck, manuscript editor

Make Yourself Rich

"Make Yourself Rich" - Thomas Hauck, manuscript editor

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