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Thomas Hauck, Author

Roses  for the Reaper Thomas Hauck's books are all available on

Avita Doesn't Love YouHis newest thriller is Roses for the Reaper, which pits international agent Kevin Lone against the world’s most dangerous criminal gang. It follows the sensational Avita Doesn’t Love You, in which Lone battles a deadly North Korean spy ring.

Public ImagePublic Image: Stories and Poems reveals the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary situations. The 24 short stories and 27 poems examine the human experience in locations including Russia, India, and the author’s hometown of Gloucester, Massachusetts. “If you enjoy short stories and seeing how a single author can change style, plot and theme with the magic of words, you will want to read Public Image.” - Katrina’s Bloody Bad Book Review Blog.

PISTONHEADPistonhead tells the story of Charlie Sinclair, an aspiring guitar player in a rock band who also works a day job on the assembly line at Evergreen Software. When tragedy strikes, Charlie is forced to examine his life and his goals, and redefine what success means to him. “Pistonhead" managed to pack more information, emotion, feeling, power and just plain real life into 174 pages, than anything I’ve read in quite some time.” - Renee C. Fountain, review on

The Body on the RocksThe Body on the Rocks presents twelve thrilling stories featuring detective Chris Mark. Set in the rugged port city of Gloucester, Massachusetts, each story offers human drama, passion, intrigue, and a glimpse into the complicated life of an Iraq War vet who only wants to help people solve their toughest problems. This fast-paced collection is perfect for a day at the beach or an evening by the fireplace, and will keep you turning the pages long past your bedtime.

Read Tom’s short story “The River” in the Fall 2009 issue (Vol. 15; No. 2) of The Bitter Oleander Press. “From its very beginning to its very last word there was not one flaw” Paul B. Roth, Editor, The Bitter Oleander Press.

How to Hire a GhostwriterHire a Ghostwriter: The Complete Guide to Outsourcing Your Book Now on, professional ghostwriter Thomas Hauck reveals the inside secrets to finding the perfect ghostwriter for your nonfiction book or novel.