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The Epistolary Novel Explained – By Thomas Hauck, Author

My first Kevin Lone novel, “Avita Doesn’t Love You,” features covert agent Kevin Lone battling a North Korean spy ring that is using a religious cult as a front. This novel, like the others in the Kevin Lone series, is … Continue reading

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Self-Help Books: Prescriptive and Aspirational Explained

Non-fiction self-help books exist to serve one function: they help the reader to live a better, happier life. Self-help books are exactly as the name suggests. You read the book and then you can elevate yourself. You can get a … Continue reading

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Verb Tenses: Simple Past and Past Perfect – By Thomas Hauck, Author and Editor

One of the useful tools that can help you tell your story–most often as a novelist, but sometimes as a self-help author–is that you can take the reader backwards and forwards in time. Nothing is quite so boring as simply … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting a Book Is Like Building a House – Advice from Thomas Hauck

I have the privilege to serve many overseas clients. They’re located in Australia, Malaysia, India, the Gulf states, Singapore, the UK — all over the world. Once in a while a prospective client will ask me if I charge by … Continue reading

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“On Board” by Nanette Fridman, edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my client Nanette Fridman on the publication of “On Board: What Current and Aspiring Board Members Must Know About Nonprofits and Board Service.” This powerful guide addresses a growing problem: Well-meaning people are often asked to serve on … Continue reading

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