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Please Allow Me to Brag a Little Bit….

I don’t post many client testimonials because when I see them presented on other sites they often seem facile and, well, untrustworthy. But recently an Upwork client posted a five-star review of my services that went above and beyond what … Continue reading

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Should Your Editor Take One of Those Online Grammar Tests?

On the job site Upwork, I recently saw a job posting by a gentleman from France. As part of the qualifications to bid on his book project – which he did not describe in any detail – he wanted all bidders to take the Upwork “English sentence structure” … Continue reading

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Those Vexing Symbols – When to Use Them and When to Write Them Out

One of the features of the English language is a built-in level of redundancy within a certain set of commonly used symbols. While this redundancy provides the writer with choices, it can also make for confusion and, at least among editors, … Continue reading

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