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Business Book Ghostwriting and Editing

If you’re thinking about writing and publishing a business book, you’ve come to the right place. As my valued client, you’ll benefit from my Endicott College MBA and my personal business experience. I’ve helped hundreds of CEOs, consultants, and professionals deliver their message to their audience, and I can help you too.

Three Reasons Why You Should Write a Business Book

Here are three powerful reasons why you should write and publish a business book.

1. To establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. When you hand a potential client a book with your name on it and you say, “Here’s the book I wrote on the subject - I think it will help you,” you send a powerful message. You have become the trusted authority.

2. As an entrée to a bigger audience. When you have a book to offer, doors open to opportunities to be a speaker at professional events or a guest on mass media programs. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve turned on my TV and have seen one of my clients on a cable or broadcast TV show talking about the book I’ve edited or ghostwritten for them. When you call a producer and say, “I’ve written a book on the subject,” you have instant credibility.    

3. To educate and inform. Your mission is to help people lead better lives. Your book can help them do that. Whether it’s getting a better job, making more money, preparing for retirement, or managing their business more effectively, your readers can benefit from your expertise.

You’ll notice that “to make money selling my book” is not on the list. Some of my authors have best-selling books that earn a substantial profit, while others aren’t looking at sales figures. That’s up to you. No matter what your goals are, my job is to help you write the very best book possible. Period.

How to Get Started Writing Your Book

The first step is to get organized. A book is a project, and the person whose name will appear on the cover is the project manager. I work under the direction of the project manager. Therefore, clarity is essential. There must be clearly defined goals and milestones, and a clear mission to be accomplished.

Before a single word is written, I’ll help you to answer these key questions:

1. The Reader. Who is the audience for the book? We need to know who your reader is. The CEO? The professional in practice? The high-net-worth individual? Someone planning to retire?

2. The Problem. What problem are we solving for the reader? There must be a specific issue. This may be how to manage the company better, how to make more money, how to create a trust for heirs, how to dress for success - the possibilities are endless. As we create your book, the number one concept to keep at the forefront is that your readers are totally self-centered. They care only about how you can help them to solve their immediate problem.

3. Your Solution. You must be able to assert your proprietary solution and its benefits. I’ll help you describe your solution in plain English, and provide examples or tell stories to make your solution come alive. The reader must be able to say, “Yes - this book describes my problem and I can see how to fix it!”

4. The Materials. I can write your book from scratch, or I can incorporate existing materials that you own. We start with the outline, which is basically like a list of chapters and bullet points of information the reader must have. Then we go step by step and write each chapter. Before you know it, the book has been written.

This may seem like a lot of planning, but it's absolutely essential for success. Our goal to get the reader to read your book and then hand it to a colleague and say, “You must read this book. It’s a fast read and it’s got some great ideas. We can discuss them at the next meeting.” Bingo! Your book has just sold itself. And chances are good that your phone will ring and the company will want to hire you for a consultation.

I’m with you for the long term. With all of my valued clients, I’m available to give advice and answer questions at any stage of the process. If you want feedback on the cover design, book formatting, the publishing platform, or marketing, I’m always ready to respond. I want your book to be the very best that it can be, in every way!

I invite you to email me today to arrange your first free consultation. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get your book written and into the hands of your readers

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