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“Deadly Pages” by Leslie Norins, MD, with Thomas Hauck

“Deadly Pages” is a new thriller co-authored by myself and Leslie Norins, MD. When a Syrian refugee arrives in New York with a fatal case of smallpox – a disease that medical science had declared eradicated from the face of … Continue reading

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“Crisis Investor” by James Hobart, edited by Thomas Hauck

In “Crisis Investor: Turning Financial Calamities Into Profitable Opportunities Successfully,” James Hobart makes economics understandable, presents historical background information, shows you his (as well as others?) investing principles and concepts, and then creates a formatted step-by-step guide as a tool … Continue reading

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“The Death of the Public School” by Dr. Wendolyn Bouie, edited by Thomas Hauck

Are America?s public schools really broken? Are our public schools putting us in danger of being overtaken by foreign counties? Is it true that Johnny can?t read? In “The Death of the Public School: Why so much money and good … Continue reading

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