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“Crisis Investor” by James Hobart, edited by Thomas Hauck

In “Crisis Investor: Turning Financial Calamities Into Profitable Opportunities Successfully,” James Hobart makes economics understandable, presents historical background information, shows you his (as well as others?) investing principles and concepts, and then creates a formatted step-by-step guide as a tool to protect yourself and your family. He talks directly and honestly, makes a point, moves straight to the next point, and brings the economy, business, investing, and personal finances all together. This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves, generate generational wealth, and become a blessing for their families, communities, and the world by accomplishing their personal and entrepreneurial dreams and activities.

The young author was fourteen years old when the Financial Crisis of 2008 unfolded. He?s an Eagle Scout, an entrepreneur, and a straight-A college student with a double major in accounting and business information systems. James, who was elected by Boy Scout Troop 108 to hold the office of senior patrol leader, is on track to graduate with his master of business administration, master of accounting, and become a certified public accountant. His life?s dream is to operate a successful real estate development company that builds ranch and farm estates. One of his favorite pastimes is studying financial and monetary history.

Crisis Investor









  • Thomas Hauck is an award-winning ghostwriter and book editor serving authors of both fiction and nonfiction.
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