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My Super-Simple Ghostwriting Business Model

My ghostwriting business is very simple:

1. My business is focused on books, which I write in installments of 5,000 words. Books range from 20,000 words up to 80,000 words. I ask for a 50% deposit for each installment ($300 plus the PayPal fee), then invoice for the 50% balance, due on delivery. One round of routine corrections is included with each installment.

2. To commission a book, you tell me exactly what you want – the topic, the solution, the word count, the audience. A chapter-by-chapter outline is mandatory. Provide any sources or other material you think will be useful. My goal is to get it right the first time!

3. I occasionally do small jobs such as articles of 1,000 words or so. For these I’m sometimes willing┬áto invoice on delivery. Failure to pay promptly tells me that you’re an unmotivated or unreliable client, and I should steer clear.

4. For phone consultations longer than 1/2 hour each, I charge $60 per hour. This can happen with book projects. For short articles, such lengthy calls are rarely necessary. Sometimes a valued client will get on the phone and try to tell me their life story. I don’t need to hear your life story; I only need to discuss your book project!

5. I do not sign contracts. They are pointless and unenforceable. I’m happy to send an NDA and work for hire statement.

See? Isn’t that easy? For your FREE consultation, shoot me an email and we’ll arrange a phone call.

Thomas A Hauck
Thomas Hauck – ghostwriter, author, book developer
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