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“Life’s Greatest Gift: P.A.I.N.: How to Suffer With a Smile” by Anthony Simon

Congratulations to my valued client Anthony Simon on the publication of his inspirational book, “Life’s Greatest Gift: P.A.I.N.: How to Suffer With a Smile,” which has garnered some impressive 5-star ratings on Amazon.

The title of this self-help book explains it all. In conversational, down-to-earth language Anthony reveals that everyone has pain, but the people who succeed in life are able to leverage their pain and turn it into positive energy.

This remarkable author, who when he wrote the book was only twenty-one years old, prefers to be called by the diminutive nickname “Ant” (just like the tiny insect) because, he says, it humbles him and reminds of his modest beginnings and service towards others. An author, personal trainer, charismatic motivational speaker, life coach, and former student-athlete, he’s also the CEO of his own ministry, Ant Inspires You. He graduated from UC Davis with degrees in biopsychology (B.S.) and Communications (B.A.). He encourages his readers to live each day to its fullest – his favorite question is, “What are you doing with your 24 hours today?”

Thomas Hauck is a professional editor, ghostwriter, and book developer serving both independent authors and major publishing houses.

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