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How Much Does Editing and Ghostwriting Cost? Advice from Thomas Hauck

Clients often – well, they always – ask me how much it will cost to ghostwrite or edit their book.

I tell my clients that editing or ghostwriting a book is like building a house. You need the plans, the foundation, the framing, the interior, the utilities, the landscaping, and so on. The price for the finished house depends upon not only the size of the house, but how much work has to be done. Is it a vacant lot that needs everything built from scratch? Is it an old house that needs a makeover? Who is providing the lumber – the builder or the owner?

My goal is to make your manuscript ready to be published. The price depends upon what we need to do to get there. Every project is different, and I provide a binding quote after reviewing with you the state of the book now and where we need to go with it. My fees are based on a per-word rate.

I encourage prospective clients to contact me and together we can explore the possibilities.

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– Thomas Hauck is an author, ghostwriter and book editor serving both emerging and established authors. For your free consultation, contact Thomas today.


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