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“Dream It. Plan It. Do It.,” by Jamar J. Hébert, edited by Thomas Hauck

Success is a very simple three-step process! As my valued client Jamar J. Hébert reveals in his powerful new book, “Dream It. Plan It. Do It.: A Personal GPS for Everyday People in Pursuit of Extraordinary Dreams,” the path to success is not complicated. But as he points out, too often the day-to-day burdens of life can weigh us down and prevent us from seeing clearly. We end up staying stuck in the mud, unable to move forward.

We often allow regret to hold us back, or we feel guilty, or like we don’t deserve to succeed. But we all have dreams, don’t we? What if we held onto our dreams, then planned how to make them come true, and then acted on our plans?

Jamar Hébert is an entrepreneur and founder/CEO of J. Hébert Companies, LLC, a business development and marketing firm that focuses on increasing customer satisfaction by incorporating new and traditional trends. In “Dream It. Plan It. Do It.,” he has designed a comprehensive roadmap for discovering and pursuing your purpose by creating easy-to-follow exercises to help you identify your interests, passions, talents and skills; make a plan; and then work your dream to make it come true!










  • Thomas Hauck is a professional author, ghostwriter, and book editor.


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