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“On the Wild Coast” by Patrick J. Lee, novel edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to author Patrick J. Lee on the publication of his new novel, “On the Wild Coast.” Set in the fictional town of Port Victoria, South Africa, it’s a steamy, sultry thriller that unfolds slowly and keeps drawing you closer. What sets the plot in motion is the discovery of a body lying on the beach. Was it murder or an accident? As the magistrate assigned to investigate, former freedom fighter Mendi Mkhize doggedly pursues his obligation to get to the truth in a place where everyone’s got something to hide. To add to the sexual and cultural tension, Alice Burley arrives from London on a mission to resolve unanswered questions in her family’s history. It’s a potent stew of sex, secrets, and South African history.

On the Wild Coast


– Thomas Hauck, book editor and ghostwriter, helps both emerging and established authors reach their literary goals.

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