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“The Bee Book: A Tale of Leadership and Change,” edited by Thomas Hauck

People often think that business management books have to be boring and full of MBA jargon that often bears little resemblance to reality. In fact, the most effective business books are often fables. One of the biggest selling business books of all time is “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr. Spencer Johnson. This slim little volume tells the story of two mice and two “littlepeople” who live in a maze. It’s sold millions of copies worldwide.

Recently I had the pleasure to edit “The Bee Book: A Tale of Leadership and Change,” by Craig Smith and Paul Rigby. It tells the story of a hive of bees faced with a catastrophic challenge: Farmer John has suddenly plowed under his┬ávast field of wildflowers. The inhabitants of Luna hive face disaster unless they can adapt to this new supply chain condition. The hero, a worker bee named Buzz, flies out in search of new sources of nectar, and on the way home a storm blows him off course. He takes refuge in the Sola hive, where he sees a very different management style–one that’s agile and could represent the way forward for the old-school Luna hive. It’s a fun and fast-paced read with valuable lessons for any manager or business owner who wants to avoid being overrun by the fast pace of change.









  • Thomas Hauck is a leading professional ghostwriter and book editor serving both emerging and published authors.
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