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“Leading the Agile Enterprise” by Dr. Gail Ferreira

I have the pleasure to assist many wonderful authors with their book projects. I see each book in the manuscript stage, when it’s nothing more than a Word document, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point text. Then the author takes the book and arranges for distribution. Some self-publish on Amazon, some publish privately, and some seek a literary agent and a major publishing deal. Often, I don’t know their plans, and I’m focused on my next valued client.

Every once in a while I search Amazon for books by my previous clients. I’m always happily surprised to find a few!

Thus my belated congratulations to Dr. Gail Ferreira on the publication of “Leading the Agile Enterprise.” In an age when “agile” has become the newest buzzword in MBA programs, Dr. Gail (as she’s called) provides a solid, practical roadmap that helps any leader get past the buzzword and achieve real, lasting success.

“Leading the Agile Enterprise” is a hands-on resource that will help the leader of just about any company (for-profit or non-profit), division, or project team understand the agile approach and leverage it to create the most value possible. Drawing on her wealth of business experience, Dr. Gail highlights the key elements needed to scale enterprises using today’s agile methodologies.

Dr. Gail is highly qualified to write this book. She’s earned a fistful of degrees: a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science from National University; a Master of Science (MS), Computer Science, from National University; and a Doctor of Management (DM) from the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies.

An educational and research technical expert who actively teaches for both industry and academia, Dr. Gail develops educational materials for a breadth of research, writing, and technical courses at an advanced level. She’s a leading independent consultant and project manager, with expertise in enterprise software solutions including Vignette, Kronos, and Oracle.

Leading the Agile Enterprise, by Dr. Gail Ferreira
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