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“Drop the Hustle” by Tiffany Majors

Congratulations to my valued client Tiffany Majors on the publication of her novel “Drop the Hustle.” It’s the inspiring story of London Bentley, a young woman trying to navigate through a world populated by people who don’t always want the best for her.

Her trusting nature leads her to acquiesce to people and situations that could damage her, and her desire to please others could prove to be her demise. Everyone around London is deep into the hustle: her calculating and controlling mother is a skilled puppet master, her man is a monster, and her preacher is a con artist.

But sins must be revealed. The hustle will be exposed and London will find out the truth about everyone including herself and God. Ultimately, at death’s door London will have to decide if she will out hustle or drop the hustle.

This powerful story leads the reader into a twisted house of mirrors, where nothing is as it seems and the reflection of the person doesn’t match the reality underneath.

An author on the rise, Tiffany Majors hails from Boston, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Maryland with her husband and children. She holds a degree in business administration from Southern New Hampshire University. Tiffany enjoys a career as a property manager — but who knows, perhaps she’ll some day be making a living as an author of fiction!

Drop the Hustle
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