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“Bully & Co.” – Sri Lanka workplace bullying book edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client Fiona Nanayakkara on the publication of her groundbreaking book “Bully & Co.,” now on Amazon. It’s groundbreaking because Fiona lives in Sri Lanka, and for a woman to write about workplace harassment in Sri Lanka is highly unusual. As she wrote in her introduction, “While bullying can happen to both men and women, my personal experiences related in this book will be gender specific, because in my experience most ugly situations at work have been created due to my gender. In 2007, the Workplace Bullying Institute reported that women were at greater risk of becoming a bullying target, as 57% of those who reported being targeted for abuse were women. While men are more likely to participate in aggressive bullying behavior, when the bully is a woman her target is more likely to be a woman as well…. Discrimination not only occurs with gender but also age, social status, and—most of all in Sri Lanka—professional or personal jealousy.”









The book has made a big splash in Sri Lanka, and garnered Fiona front-page coverage in the Daily Financial Times newspaper:









  • Thomas Hauck is a professional book editor and ghostwriter serving authors of fiction and non-fiction.
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“The Bee Book: A Tale of Leadership and Change,” edited by Thomas Hauck

People often think that business management books have to be boring and full of MBA jargon that often bears little resemblance to reality. In fact, the most effective business books are often fables. One of the biggest selling business books of all time is “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr. Spencer Johnson. This slim little volume tells the story of two mice and two “littlepeople” who live in a maze. It’s sold millions of copies worldwide.

Recently I had the pleasure to edit “The Bee Book: A Tale of Leadership and Change,” by Craig Smith and Paul Rigby. It tells the story of a hive of bees faced with a catastrophic challenge: Farmer John has suddenly plowed under his vast field of wildflowers. The inhabitants of Luna hive face disaster unless they can adapt to this new supply chain condition. The hero, a worker bee named Buzz, flies out in search of new sources of nectar, and on the way home a storm blows him off course. He takes refuge in the Sola hive, where he sees a very different management style–one that’s agile and could represent the way forward for the old-school Luna hive. It’s a fun and fast-paced read with valuable lessons for any manager or business owner who wants to avoid being overrun by the fast pace of change.









  • Thomas Hauck is a leading professional ghostwriter and book editor serving both emerging and published authors.
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“Dare to Matter: Choosing an Unstuck and Unapologetic Life of Significance” – Edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client Pete Smith on the publication of his powerful self-help book, “Dare to Matter: Choosing an Unstuck and Unapologetic Life of Significance.” Challenging and shredding society’s “feel good” message that your greatest endeavor is the achievement of success and happiness, Pete Smith presents a bold and encouraging declaration that you were meant for much more than that. You were created to be significant. This is a refreshingly candid, inspiring, and pragmatic guide to living a life that matters, presented through the perspective of someone who almost lost his own.

Complete with stories, examples, humor (often self-deprecating), and no-holds-barred practical advice, “Dare to Matter” is perfect for those who are ready to break free from the chains of conformity to pursue a life of impact.

Now considered “one of America’s leading personal and professional development coaches,” Smith is a sought-after international speaker and trainer in the field of leadership, management, personal growth and development. His energetic, edgy, and interactive style is complimented by his ability to provide practical insights that actually make sense, all while having a little fun in the process.









  • Thomas Hauck is a leading professional ghostwriter and book editor serving both emerging and veteran authors.
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“Resurrection of the Scrolls” by Michael Fattorosi, edited by Thomas Hauck

Here’s an exciting thriller by noted Las Vegas attorney Michael Fattorosi. Base on his family history, “Resurrection of the Scrolls” is a fast-paced historical thriller tracing his family’s thousand-year journey from the Norman conquest of Italy through the First Crusade, their rise in power in Ravello, to their relationship with the Vatican to modern day America. It exposes one of church’s best-kept secrets that, if revealed, could shake the Vatican to its core and destroy the Catholic faith. It’s got everything you want in a page-turner: porn stars, corrupt priests, bad guys with guns, ancient Italian villas with deep secrets, and mysterious scrolls that people are willing to kill for. It’ll make a terrific movie!



  • Thomas Hauck is a professional ghostwriter and book editor serving authors of fiction and nonfiction. If you need your book ghostwritten or edited, contact ghostwriter Thomas Hauck today.


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“Capital Planning and Stress Testing Under CCAR” by Lourenco Miranda, edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client Lourenco Miranda on the publication of “Capital Planning and Stress Testing Under CCAR,” which I had the honor to edit as an early draft.

The Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) is an annual exercise by the Federal Reserve to assess whether the largest bank holding companies operating in the United States have sufficient capital to continue operations throughout times of economic and financial stress and that they have robust, forward-looking capital-planning processes that account for their unique risks.

As part of their fiduciary responsibilities to a bank holding company, the board of directors and senior management bear the primary responsibility for developing, implementing, and monitoring a bank holding company’s capital planning strategies and internal capital adequacy process.

As part of this exercise, the Federal Reserve evaluates an institution’s capital adequacy, internal capital adequacy assessment processes, and their individual plans to make capital distributions, such as dividend payments or stock repurchases.

The Federal Reserve may object to a bank’s capital plan based on either quantitative or qualitative grounds. If the Federal Reserve objects to a bank’s capital plan, the bank may not make any capital distribution unless the Fed indicates in writing that it does not object to the distribution. Basically, the Fed will say, “You can’t return any money to your shareholders, because if you do so, your financial foundation will be weakened, and we can’t allow that.”

Dr. Lourenco Miranda is currently Managing Director, Head of CCAR: Stress Testing, Scenarios, Modeling, and Governance with Societe Generale (Corporate and Investment Banking). Previous to this he was Managing Director, Global Operational Risk Quantification, Economic Capital, Scenario Analysis, Stress Testing and CCAR at AIG. He has 18 years of progressive and relevant experience in Risk Management, Economic Capital, Capital Adequacy Framework, Risk Governance and Regulatory Practices, Risk Policies & Procedures and Modeling for all financial risk types, product lines and client coverage in Financial Institutions in all continents and different regulatory environments or jurisdictions.

Capital Planning and Stress Testing

  • Thomas Hauck is a leading professional ghostwriter and book editor serving authors of both fiction and non-fiction books.
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“Fleet” by Sean Lockhart, edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client Sean Lockhart on the publication of his new book, “Fleet.” Aimed at Canadian readers, this handy guide explains the nuts and bolts of buying and maintaining a fleet of vehicles for your company. Sean’s the expert, and he tells it in plain English!

As a note to anyone who wants to write and publish a book, notice the high quality of the “Fleet” book cover. It’s graphically clean and delivers the message effectively. I always urge my clients to invest in the very best book cover they can, because nothing says “crummy self-published book” faster than a second-rate cover. The cover of “Fleet” is very professional and positions the book among the very best in its field. The book text doesn’t say who designed the cover, but whoever they are, they did a terrific job.

Also, in my work as a behind-the-scenes editor I do not need to be acknowledged, nor do I expect it, so it’s nice when an author sends me a signed copy of the book with a nice inscription. Here’s what Sean sent me, which is much appreciated!




  • Thomas Hauck is a leading professional ghostwriter and book editor serving both emerging and established authors.
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“The President Has AIDS” by Leslie C. Norins, MD, edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client Leslie C. Norins, MD on the publication of his new political-medical thriller “The President Has AIDS.” The book opens with Martin Riker enjoying a comfortable retirement in Naples, Florida, when he gets an urgent call to come to the White House. Upon arrival, he’s told that President Paul Ralston has been diagnosed with AIDS. Riker’s job is to find out how he got it – all the while maintaining the highest level of secrecy. Soon enough, this medical whodunit morphs into a political thriller, as members of Ralston’s inner circle – some of whom know about his illness, while others do not – jockey for position and attempt to wield their influence. The result is an exciting roller-coaster ride with more than a few unexpected twists.



  • Thomas Hauck is a professional independent ghostwriter and book editor.
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When Hiring a Ghostwriter, Experience Counts – Advice from Professional Book Editor Thomas Hauck

Hire an Experienced Ghostwriter

Think about it. If you needed an operation, would you prefer a surgeon who was fresh out of medical school with little experience wielding a scalpel, or an experienced doctor who had performed hundreds of operations exactly like yours? Of course you’d want the experienced professional, even if his or her fee was higher.

Hiring a ghostwriter is no different – for several reasons.

  1. Better quality. A professional ghostwriter will deliver a better book. It’s just as simple as that. Whether you’re commissioning a novel, a business book, or a self-help book, a professional ghostwriter will dig deeper, write more effectively, and construct the book to keep the reader turning the pages. Cut-rate ghostwriters often “pad” the word count with repetition and flowery language, and don’t know how to do the research necessary to make your book authoritative.
  2. Fewer mistakes. No writer is perfect, and even the pros make typos. But when you hire a professional ghostwriter, you’ll sleep well at night knowing your ghostwriter is going to get it right the first time, and you won’t have to spend more money to have the writing edited or repaired.
  3. More value. A book with your name on it may have a shelf life of many years and be read by thousands of people. A professional ghostwriter will cost you a bit more, but think about it – your book will represent you in the marketplace, and thousands of readers will get to know you through your book. They will hope to find in your book real information that can help them in their lives, and if it’s skimpy or sloppy they’ll put it down. If it’s packed with value, your readers will become your brand ambassadors and tell their friends and colleagues about your amazing book.

When you need to hire a ghostwriter or book editor, it pays to work with an experienced professional who will deliver a book that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Thomas Hauck ghostwriter, book editor, author

  • Thomas Hauck is a leading professional ghostwriter and book editor serving both emerging and established authors.
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When It’s Time to Hire a Ghostwriter, Hire the Very Best – By Thomas Hauck, Ghostwriter and Book Editor

You Need the Best Ghostwriter You Can Find

When it’s time to hire a ghostwriter, it always pays to hire the very best provider. Here’s why.

Let’s say you want to write a self-help book. You’re doing this because you want to establish yourself as a thought leader and you want to inform your readers. Since you have neither the time nor the expertise to write the book yourself, you hire an “economy” ghostwriter, thinking that you’ll save money. The problem is that you’ll probably receive a 60,000-word book that’s poorly written and full of typos and other mistakes. When you ask the cut-rate ghostwriter, they say, “Oh, of course you need to hire an editor! I’m just the ghostwriter. My job does not include editing or proofreading.”

You’ve hired a ghostwriter who has delivered a half-baked book!

So now you have to hire a book editor to clean up the rough manuscript turned in by your ghostwriter. The editor looks at the manuscript and says, “Wow, this is a mess. It’s going to cost you three cents per word to get it polished for publication.”

Suddenly you realize your costs are going through the roof.

Hire a Ghostwriter Who Will Do It Right the First Time

When my clients hire me, I promise that I will deliver a manuscript that is ready to format and publish. There’s no need for outside editors, only for routine proofreading, which should always be done for every book. In the long run, you’ll save money by getting a superior, professional book the first time. Doesn’t that make a lot of sense? When you need to hire a ghostwriter, contact Thomas Hauck, ghostwriter and book editor, for your free quote. You won’t be disappointed.

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“How to Protect (or Destroy) Your Online Reputation” by John P. David, edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client John P. David on the publication of his new book, “How to Protect (or Destroy) Your Online Reputation,” published by Career Press.

Have you ever Googled yourself and found a horrifying result that you don’t want and wished were never there? Like a medieval inquisitor, a shady operator on Internet can easily become the judge, jury, and executioner of anyone’s reputation. While digital attacks and misinformation can cost you a job, a promotion, your marriage, and even your business, most of us have no idea how to protect our online reputations.

John P. David’s revealing book, which I had the pleasure to edit before publication, provides a wealth of practical information on how to protect your online reputation and even remove negative content from search results. It will teach you how to react and respond to an online attack, take control of your online presence and build a firewall around your reputation, understand and manage online reviews, and much more.

Author John P. David is an expert who has counseled businesses and executives on strategic communications and marketing issues for twenty-five years. He’s developed a specialty in helping clients face online attacks and frequently writes about communications and strategy for his award-winning blog. His insights are regularly published on the Huffington Post.

He offered a kind word for me in his acknowledgements: “Writer and editor Thomas Hauck provided excellent feedback on my first draft as well as my book proposal, and he pulled back the curtain of the publishing industry, helping me turn a fanciful thought into a reality.”



– Thomas Hauck is a leading professional freelance book editor who serves both emerging and veteran authors of fiction and non-fiction.

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