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Using Fictional Stories to Sell Products or Services – Advice from Ghostwriter and Book Editor Thomas Hauck

If you’re intending to write or publish a business book, you might assume that what you need to do is present descriptions of your services or product, or provide instruction to the reader in the way a teacher would. But there’s another alternative that can be very powerful: telling stories that highlight the benefits of your service as well as the dangers of not using your service.

Think of your story as a long TV commercial or short film that has characters and a plot, just like any other story. The difference is that your story has a “moral” at the end, and the moral is that your product or service really works and can change lives.

When writing a fictional narrative about a product or service, my number one task is to deliver a story or stories according to these three specifications: the target consumer, the benefit of the product, and the product features. Those are the three elements every story needs. These three elements (user, features, benefits) must be presented in plain English in a way that anyone can understand. The fourth element that may be used is fear. Fear is created when you show the consequences of not using the product or service.

Let’s say you’re selling a new GPS app for a smartphone. The app makes it easy for you to meet your friends at a certain destination at a certain time. What better way to explain the product than with a series of stories? Think about the stories as mini-TV commercials. In a TV spot you’ve got 30 seconds to tell your story. It needs to be in plain English and easily understood by anyone.

In the story, I have ordinary GPS or some other app on my smartphone and I think that I have the best possible technology. And now you’re telling me that I could do better! You’re telling me that with minimal effort I could save time and lower my stress level, and meet my friends or colleagues at the right time at the right place, and even pre-order my meal. It sounds good, but I have questions. How does it work? Is it expensive? Is it reliable? Is it simple to operate? These are the questions I want answered.

And you know what? The very best person to answer these questions is my friend Sally. She’s already got the app, and she loves it! I saw Sally at dance class yesterday and she told me all about this new app and how it changed her life! Sally has zero tech skills. She’s an ordinary consumer. But she uses the app and it works great for her.

A story can be a fun and entertaining way to promote your product or service, and to get the consumer to understand very quickly how your product will benefit him or her in real life.

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