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Why Do People Who Use a Ghostwriter Need to Hire a Second Ghostwriter?

On Upwork the other day I saw a job posting entitled “Book Edit/Rewrite.” Part of the job description read, “I’m looking to hire a ghostwriter/editor to rewrite my completed manuscript. Rewrite would include add, delete, and recreate scenes. I worked with an amazing ghost writer and now I’m looking to hire someone who will take my manuscript to an even higher level. I believe in this book as I have created the characters from scratch and invested a lot of time and money….”

Call me crazy, but I’m always bewildered when a potential client either states in a job post or tells me directly that they worked with a talented ghostwriter and now they need their book to be edited or re-written!

I don’t know about how other ghostwriters and editors work, but when I take a job for a valued client, my goal is to produce a manuscript that is 100% ready to publish. No excuses, no conditions, no qualifications.

How can you ghostwrite a book for a client, and then say to that client, “Of course, after you pay for the gibberish I’ve written, you’ll need to hire another ghostwriter and then an editor to bring your book up to an acceptable level”?

Imagine, for example, you hire a construction company to build your house. At the end of the job, after you’ve paid them, they say, “Oh, you actually want to LIVE in this house? Well then, you need to hire a plumber and electrician and roofer. That’s the way the business works.”

No, it’s not how the business works. A ghostwriter should write your book to be the best it can. Aside from routine proofreading–always necessary!–the manuscript should be ready to publish. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Thomas A. Hauck, professional book developer, ghostwriter, and editor.
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