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“The Retirement Remix” by Chip Munn

Congratulations to my valued client, Chip Munn, on the publication of “The Retirement Remix: A Modern Solution to an Old School Problem.” In this concise, easy-to-read book, Chip questions the usefulness of “old-school” retirement concepts where you work until you’re sixty-five, and then quit working and “retire.” If you do this, you make the transition from being a producer to a consumer. And then, for the next twenty or thirty years, you spend your money.

The problem is that this old-school strategy is becoming less financially feasible. In addition, for many people it’s incredibly boring. It seems like fun, until you die of a heart attack because your life has lost its value.

Chip suggests there are many other options, many of which involve a blend of work and leisure. He cites the example of a couple who sail the Caribbean for six months out of the year, and then stay home for the other six months. There are people who open new businesses when they’re over sixty years old, or become consultants or volunteers. Some people take sabbaticals and then go back to work.

Chip discovered that in many other nations, many people are willing to work less stringently and less stressfully, but they keep working into an older age. Many work up to two-and-a-half years longer compared to an American worker, but they take “mini-retirements” with their time off each year.

“The Retirement Remix” is a fresh new way to look at work and how to balance it with leisure.

The Retirement Remix
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