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Genres of Books

Books can be divided into two broad categories, fiction and nonfiction.

Works of fiction are short stories or novels. They tell a story that may be pure fantasy like Harry Potter or incorporate plenty of actual facts like Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, the great American novel that includes a wealth of interesting information about the whaling industry in the nineteenth century.

A work of fiction can be as instructive as a nonfiction book. For example, one of the best selling business management books of all time is Who Moved My Cheese? byDr. Spencer Johnson. This slim little fable recounts the tale of four characters who live in a maze and are confronted with a problem they must solve. It’s a brilliant book that leapfrogged over hundreds of ponderous and jargon-laden management books to the top of the best seller lists.

In contrast to novels, nonfiction books are generally thought to be “true” or correspond directly to the real world.

The umbrella of nonfiction covers many genres including memoirs and biographies, self-help and health-related books, business books, technical books, and books on spirituality.

You can go to and see its detailed breakdown of dozens of fiction and nonfiction genres and hundreds of subgenres. A book in any genre can be ghostwritten. While there are categories and definitions, there really aren’t any boundaries. If you have an idea, it can be turned into a book. Who knows – it might even get its own genre on!

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Thomas Hauck, professional author, ghostwriter, and book editor
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