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“Make Yourself Rich: The Untold Secrets to Becoming Wealthy,” self-help book edited by Thomas Hauck

Here’s a question…. Do you really want to be rich? Or are you just tired of being poor?

Times are changing. After a century of steadily rising living standards, during the past decade middle-class incomes in the US and Europe have slowed to a standstill. The doctors, teachers and architects who form the backbone of our society face the worst financial insecurity in recent memory. Over the past twenty years, blue-collar incomes have flatlined. National incomes have risen, but the extra wealth has gone to the top one percent. To make things worse, the wealth gap continues to widen in later life even as we are living longer.

How can you battle this trend? My valued client Robert Banks has just published “Make Yourself Rich: The Untold Secrets to Becoming Wealthy,” now on Amazon. The author is a mega-successful businessperson who, from the dotcom frenzy to the present day, has led businesses in travel, internet, advertising, telecoms, gaming, and TV. His insightful advice is based on his own real-life experiences.

His story is based on nearly twenty years clawing his way up from penniless to self-made millionaire. What he had to learn for himself the hard way he passes onto his readers. Robert Banks made it from being broke to being a millionaire, and with this book, so can you.

Make Yourself Rich









– Thomas Hauck is a leading ghostwriter and book editor who helps authors of both fiction and non-fiction.


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