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“Life Is The Perfect System: Uncover Your Life’s Path. Discover Your Spirit’s Purpose” – edited by Thomas Hauck

Do you need a new direction in your life? Check out “Life Is The Perfect System” by Matt Sison, edited by Thomas Hauck. This lively and easy-to-read book can help you bring balance to your life, reveal your true purpose, and inspire divine action. Packed with real-life stories of people just like you, and page after page of common-sense advice, Matt Sison’s proven concepts and life wisdom can help you find the deep inner peace you seek.

Matt Sison shows you that wherever you go and whatever external solution you seek, you won’t find lasting, genuine peace until you find the only voice that matters – yours. That means learning to live up to your own standards rather than what’s expected of you. It means running your life instead of letting others run it for you. It means going on an inner rather than external quest; one that embraces your intuition and self guidance. One that requires that you listen to your own unique spiritual path and not someone else’s.

This book will help you find balance within yourself so you can trust the voice of your soul and attain the peace you’re looking for.










  • Thomas Hauck is an award-winning ghostwriter and book editor based in Gloucester, Mass., near Boston.
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