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“How Do I Tax Thee?” by Kristin Tate

Wait… Why is a Massachusetts liberal extolling the virtues of a book written by conservative columnist and Fox News commentator Kristin Tate, whose previous book, Government Gone Wild, (Hachette Books) was praised by Stephen Bannon?

Because How Do I Tax Thee? (St. Martin’s Press) is a book that any rational human being can embrace. Yes, Kristin is a libertarian, but she’s not either 1) someone who wants to go live in a hut in the forest, away from civilization, or 2) a rich person who champions libertarianism because it’s a convenient way to avoid any social responsibility and live a life of self-centered greed.

In fact, Kristin is a super-smart writer with a common-sense message: As citizens, we should know how much and how often our various governments – city, state, and federal – extract money from us in the form of taxes and fees. She’s not calling for an end to taxation; she’s simply pointing out, in example after example, how government agencies get money from us in a multitude of sneaky ways that we didn’t vote for and may not even be aware of. And what she reveals is often surprising – for example, how many states with no personal income tax (sounds good, right?) can still soak you with property and sales taxes, or nickel-and-dime you with endless fees for things you do every day, such as talk on your phone or drive your car. What Kristin is looking for is transparency and fairness, and you can’t argue with that!

Whether you live in Massachusetts or Montana, in “How Do I Tax Thee” you’ll find eye-opening secrets that you’ll want to remember the next time you head to the voting booth.










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