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When Hiring a Ghostwriter, Experience Counts – Advice from Professional Book Editor Thomas Hauck

Hire an Experienced Ghostwriter

Think about it. If you needed an operation, would you prefer a surgeon who was fresh out of medical school with little experience wielding a scalpel, or an experienced doctor who had performed hundreds of operations exactly like yours? Of course you’d want the experienced professional, even if his or her fee was higher.

Hiring a ghostwriter is no different – for several reasons.

  1. Better quality. A professional ghostwriter will deliver a better book. It’s just as simple as that. Whether you’re commissioning a novel, a business book, or a self-help book, a professional ghostwriter will dig deeper, write more effectively, and construct the book to keep the reader turning the pages. Cut-rate ghostwriters often “pad” the word count with repetition and flowery language, and don’t know how to do the research necessary to make your book authoritative.
  2. Fewer mistakes. No writer is perfect, and even the pros make typos. But when you hire a professional ghostwriter, you’ll sleep well at night knowing your ghostwriter is going to get it right the first time, and you won’t have to spend more money to have the writing edited or repaired.
  3. More value. A book with your name on it may have a shelf life of many years and be read by thousands of people. A professional ghostwriter will cost you a bit more, but think about it – your book will represent you in the marketplace, and thousands of readers will get to know you through your book. They will hope to find in your book real information that can help them in their lives, and if it’s skimpy or sloppy they’ll put it down. If it’s packed with value, your readers will become your brand ambassadors and tell their friends and colleagues about your amazing book.

When you need to hire a ghostwriter or book editor, it pays to work with an experienced professional who will deliver a book that you’ll be proud to call your own.

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  • Thomas Hauck is a leading professional ghostwriter and book editor serving both emerging and established authors.
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