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“The Path to Leadership” by Ronnell D. Crittenden, edited by Thomas Hauck

Some of the greatest business books are fables set in the animal kingdom. This is because fables give the author great flexibility to distill a story down to its essence and make it universal. “The Path to Leadership: An Amazing Story of Challenges and Personal Growth by Ronnell D. Crittenden introduces us to Maximus, a young lion who’s just been passed over as the new leader of the pride. Dejected, he goes to sulk under a tree. He’s roused from his melancholy stupor by Busy Beetle, who gives him a fierce pinch and tells him to get out of the way because he’s blocking his burrow. Impressed by the forthright attitude of the diminutive bug, Maximus confides in his new friend. Busy Beetle tells the lion to journey across the desert to find Ancient Raven, who will give him leadership advice.

A Book With Many Lessons

An exciting and arduous journey unfolds, and as you might imagine, by the time Maximus finds Ancient Raven…. well, I won’t give away too much of the plot. Let’s just say that this book is packed with solid leadership lessons that will benefit anyone in any position – solo entrepreneur or CEO of a big corporation.

The author, Ronnell D. Crittenden, is the founder of BridgeView Equity Partners LLC. Ronnell’s commitment to lifelong learning led him to the University of Oxford-Said Business School, where he completed the Oxford Private Equity Program and Oxford Chicago Valuation Program from 2016-2017. Ronnell continued his studies at Harvard University-Harvard Law School and completed the Program on Negotiation in 2017. He also happens to be an amazingly wonderful and nice person. Buy this book…. you’ll love it!










  • Thomas Hauck is a leading independent ghostwriter and book editor.
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