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About paragraph spacing in novels, narrative non-fiction, and most self-help books

Clients often ask me if they should indicate paragraphs with an extra line inserted between paragraphs.

(Like this.)

It’s the format used in emails, many blogs including this one, and technical books. Here’s my answer.¬†Regarding paragraph spacing in a work of fiction or narrative non-fiction, you have a choice:

1. You can look like a self-published amateur and use a space between paragraphs.
2. You can look like Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Leo Tolstoy, James Patterson, Stephanie Meyer, Raymond Chandler, JK Rowling, and thousands of other esteemed and successful authors whose books are regarded as classics and do what professional publishers do: indicate new paragraphs with a two- or three-character indentation, and no extra space between paragraphs.
Thomas Hauck
Author, ghostwriter, and book editor
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