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“Total Value Optimization” by Steven Bowen, edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to Steven Bowen on the publication of his powerful and groundbreaking new book “Total Value Optimization: Transforming Your Global Supply Chain Into a Competitive Weapon,” now hitting the lists on A leading supply chain and business consultant, Steve presents his proprietary formula for eliminating waste and adding value to any industrial supply chain, from the first sourcing of raw materials to the final on-time in-full delivery to the satisfied customer.

The key to a powerful and value-adding supply chain is Total Value Optimization, a rigorous and comprehensive approach to analyzing, diagnosing, and transforming a company’s supply chain. It starts with leadership and a company culture dedicated to competitive excellence at every level, from the executive suite to the front line customer reps. Steve reveals the critical importance of data analytics, which is the foundation of the TVO Pyramid—the exclusive graphical model for a company’s journey to supply chain superiority. Along with leader and organizational improvement, Steve deeply analyses the three critical areas of procurement, logistics, and operations. He emphasizes how every functional area of the business realates to every other area, and the importance of objectivity analyzing a company’s performance.

The book is replete with revealing case studies that show how companies have solved tough problems and found unexpected value in their supply chains. With this important new book, the engaged CEO can guide his or her company to a brighter, more secure future, with more robust profits and increased market domination.










  • Thomas Hauck is a professional ghostwriter and book editor serving clients of both fiction and non-fiction around the world.
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