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“Resurrection of the Scrolls” by Michael Fattorosi, edited by Thomas Hauck

Here’s an exciting thriller by noted Las Vegas attorney Michael Fattorosi. Base on his family history, “Resurrection of the Scrolls” is a fast-paced historical thriller tracing his family’s thousand-year journey from the Norman conquest of Italy through the First Crusade, their rise in power in Ravello, to their relationship with the Vatican to modern day America. It exposes one of church’s best-kept secrets that, if revealed, could shake the Vatican to its core and destroy the Catholic faith. It’s got everything you want in a page-turner: porn stars, corrupt priests, bad guys with guns, ancient Italian villas with deep secrets, and mysterious scrolls that people are willing to kill for. It’ll make a terrific movie!



  • Thomas Hauck is a professional ghostwriter and book editor serving authors of fiction and nonfiction. If you need your book ghostwritten or edited, contact ghostwriter Thomas Hauck today.


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