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“Mastering the Habits of Continuous Improvement” by Al Diaz

Congratulations to my valued client Al Diaz on the publication of his new book “Mastering the Habits of Continuous Improvement.” Rooted firmly in the industrial principles of Deming, Shewhart, Juran, McGregor, Ohno, Shingo, Pareto, Ishikawa, Rother, Sutherland, and Schwaber, this incisive and information-packed book was written for organizational production leaders to help them reduce or stop the interruptions in their time and focus their team like a laser on delivering predictable, reproducible outcomes each and every time.

This compact book shows managers how to practice and master the core mindsets, habits, and principles that will lead them and their team from sitting on the sidelines to making a difference in the gemba. (Within a lean context, the Japanese word “gemba” refers to the location where value is created.)

Over the last twenty-five years, Al Diaz has coached or trained thousands of students in Lean, Six Sigma, Lean IT, Kanban, Scrum, Scaled Agile, Project Management, and Software. As a program manager, speaker, mentor, author, and coach, Al has served top software and technology companies including Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

By following the advice in “Mastering the Habits of Continuous Improvement,” with step-by-step improvements you can bring your manufacturing processes to their highest level and ensure you stay well ahead of the competition.

Al Diaz - Mastering the Art of Continuous Improvement










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