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“Fleet” by Sean Lockhart, edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client Sean Lockhart on the publication of his new book, “Fleet.” Aimed at Canadian readers, this handy guide explains the nuts and bolts of buying and maintaining a fleet of vehicles for your company. Sean’s the expert, and he tells it in plain English!

As a note to anyone who wants to write and publish a book, notice the high quality of the “Fleet” book cover. It’s graphically clean and delivers the message effectively. I always urge my clients to invest in the very best book cover they can, because nothing says “crummy self-published book” faster than a second-rate cover. The cover of “Fleet” is very professional and positions the book among the very best in its field. The book text doesn’t say who designed the cover, but whoever they are, they did a terrific job.

Also, in my work as a behind-the-scenes editor I do not need to be acknowledged, nor do I expect it, so it’s nice when an author sends me a signed copy of the book with a nice inscription. Here’s what Sean sent me, which is much appreciated!




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