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“Emotional Dimensions of Healthcare” – Edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client David Woodlock on the publication of his groundbreaking new book, “Emotional Dimensions of Health Care,” which I had the pleasure to edit. This explosive book takes a fresh look at some of the most vexing healthcare problems we face as a nation, including obesity and substance abuse. What our well-meaning healthcare providers too often overlook is the very real and permanent damage that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can do. Traumatic events, whether sudden or occurring chronically over years, can physically alter the chemistry of the body and brain. To achieve relief from a perpetual condition of high stress – which never abates – patients make choices that are in many ways perfectly rational. Even suicide and other self-harming acts can at times be rational paths away from debilitating and chronic emotional pain. This well-crafted book shows how healthcare providers and patients can, and should, look beyond physical causes of disease to the underlying emotional component. If you don’t do this, the prescribed treatment may be ineffective.









  • Thomas Hauck is a leading professional book editor and ghostwriter serving both emerging and established authors of fiction and non-fiction.



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