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“Trump U” by Stephen Gilpin – A Powerful Insider Account

Are you interested in what Donald Trump did before he became president of the United States? Trump insider Stephen Gilpin has just published “Trump U: The Inside Story of Trump University,” published by OR Books,¬†an independent publishing company that embraces progressive change in politics and culture.

Trump University began in 2005 as a legitimate online school (not a university) that sought to teach the basics of real estate through courses taught by actual real estate professionals. That concept lasted one year! Then owner Donald Trump and partners Michael Sexton and Jonathan Spitalny jettisoned the pros, hired a bunch of high-pressure salespeople, and launched the live seminar format. The first seminar was free. The goal was to sell prospects on packages that cost as much as $35,000, always prepaid. After payment, there was little practical education – but the scheme made millions!

Stephen Gilpin was hired because Trump U needed someone with real estate knowledge to handle the flood of complaints from angry students who were receiving nothing. His job was to provide a minimal level of coaching to prevent them from suing the company.

One of the most fascinating parts of the book are the transcripts from depositions Trump was forced to give in defense of the lawsuits. Over and over again, Trump says “I don’t remember.” He didn’t remember the names of the instructors, the salespeople, the hotels where the seminars were held. His performance in these depositions provides a preview of what Robert Mueller can expect when he puts Trump under oath. “I don’t recall” will be the answer we hear endlessly repeated.

This is a powerful book from a Trump insider…. buy it today!










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