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“The President Has AIDS” by Leslie C. Norins, MD, edited by Thomas Hauck

Congratulations to my valued client Leslie C. Norins, MD on the publication of his new political-medical thriller “The President Has AIDS.” The book opens with Martin Riker enjoying a comfortable retirement in Naples, Florida, when he gets an urgent call to come to the White House. Upon arrival, he’s told that President Paul Ralston has been diagnosed with AIDS. Riker’s job is to find out how he got it – all the while maintaining the highest level of secrecy. Soon enough, this medical whodunit morphs into a political thriller, as members of Ralston’s inner circle – some of whom know about his illness, while others do not – jockey for position and attempt to wield their influence. The result is an exciting roller-coaster ride with more than a few unexpected twists.



  • Thomas Hauck is a professional independent ghostwriter and book editor.
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